TEXACOBIT is an Irish company working in the field of minerals and transport. TEXACOBIT is one of the best carriers on the continental and transcontinental freight market. Today, our company has created an extensive network of freight centers. thousands of kilometers of landscaped trails; has thousands of employees and some 30 subcontractors. Our company is fully dedicated to transportation, warehousing and insurance of goods.
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You will notice that we decided to keep all costs down, so profits are paid to our investors, and not to 3rd parties. As examples, we did not buy a website domain, we did not buy a specific hoisting platform, we did not buy a licensed HYIP script or similar, we did not pay monitors or any other referencing sites, we did not place any paid advertisement, etc. We make profits, we share them with you. Period.
We will do everything we can to protect our members' investments and deliver profits as described.

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